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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Maggi Noodles - are my curry-flavoured treats harming Oragutans?

Yum... once a weekend, I have 2-minute-noodles for breakfast. Unhealthy, I know, but tasty! However, mulling over the fact that these were listed in the "Use Palm Oil" category, I looked at the ingreidents. It did say quite clearly vegetable oil, but that just means it could use palm oil. The packet did not clearly state that it used PALM OIL. Vegetable oil, as I have now found, is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
So, contacting them from their website (http://www.nestle.co.nz/) I gave them a little email, which went something like this:
Dear Nestle,
I really enjoy Maggi Noodles, but would also like to know what you stick in 'em. You say you use Vege' oil. Is that oil Palm Oil? If so, can you please clearly state it on your packet? And is it from a sustainable source?
Here is the reply, fresh from my inbox:

Hi Neina-Marie,
Thank you for contacting us regarding the vegetable oil used in our MAGGI Extra Delicious 2 Minute Noodles.
All the noodles contain Palm Oil and this is listed on the ingredients panel of all our packaging (bar one which is the single chicken varient and this will be changed in the future).
Nestle does not use crude palm oil but rather buys products derived from crude palm oil from reputable manufacturers. About 95% of this oil comes from suppliers who are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and who therefore have a declared commitment to sustainable sourcing. Indonesia and Malaysia produce 85% of the world supply and Nestle agronomists in these countries world with suppliers to encourage suatainable practices.
We trust this information is of assistance.


Consumer Services Executive

WOW! I asked my mine of information (Dad), and he gave me SHOCKING news. One variety doesn't mention it uses vegetable oil! And, the oil they get... it's too hard to explain. You read it for yourself. All I have to say is...


MrWoody said...

This is excellent work, Neina-Marie!!!!!
By reading closely, does anyone think they deny being involved in the destruction of rainforests and killing of orangutans? ...
I know what I think.
Fantastic reading resource!!!!
Well done - top of the class

Jane Nicholls said...

I'm intrigued. I had never heard of any issue around palm oil or the controversy of using palm oil instead of vegetable oil. Where can I find out more about why Palm oil is bad for our world? And should I stop buying Maggi two minute noodles?

gnome said...

Answering your question Jane I think the reasonthe public should stop buying this particular product is because by destroying the orangutans habitat, to make palm oil(which by the way is include in this product)could cause the orangutan to be extinct in turn upsetting our fragile eco-system

HamilTRON said...

Wow Neina, Top researcher of the class. I give you full credit!!!! I think that people should think twice of buying products that contain stuff that we have to kill, destroy or harm a animal. It's just that people love their noodles. I don't think that people will stop buying noodles to be honest.



Roo said...

All I can say is... WOW!